No matter where you go, everyone would tell you that it is important to get rid of the pests you have in your backyard and front yard because they add to the damages to your plants and landscaping.  

Good landscaping, as well as healthy plants and trees, need maintenance, and one of the ways to do this is to ensure that they do not experience damages from pests and other animals. You can also hire other services like the tree removal Rockford IL to ensure that you will have excellent services when it comes to taking care of your plants and trees.  

The following are the kinds of pests and how you can get rid of them: 

1.Moles – some of the people think that moles are cute and they are harmless when it comes to your plants in your backyard or front yard. The thing is, if you see some little mounds of soil as well as raised ridges on the grass caused by a mole, then you have higher chances of destroyed roots in your soil, affecting your plants and trees. You can chase moles away by using castor oil or any mole repellent that is castor-oil based. You can also have a DIY by mixing two tablespoons of detergent and six ounces of castor oil into one gallon of water. Spray and saturate the whole area where you can see mounds.  

2.Webworms – these insects hide in the day and go out at night like vampires. You would know that they already have invaded your lawn when you see some apple-sized brown patches in your grass. They are also very prolific and can lay 200 eggs in just a single day. You can use a dish soap in a water to bring them to the surface. Once on the surface, you can now scoop them. 

3.Japanese beetles – unlike the webworms, Japanese beetles are easier to spot because of their gold and green shells. You will also notice them when you see you notice your grassroots being eaten, making some dead patches of dead soil and grass in your lawn. What you can do other than using an insecticide is to grab them and kill them. When it comes to the grubs, you can use a product called milky spores, which are natural bacteria that are able to kill grubs.  

4.Chinch bugs – they are small, blackish-grey insects that have wings. And because they are very small, you might not be able to spot them immediately. Because of their colors, they can also easily camouflage themselves easily, making it difficult for you to kill them all or know their existence. You are able to notice their existence when you notice some dead patches of grassland on your lawn. You can get rid of them by aerating your lawn or having some insecticides. 


If you hire some professional services like landscaping or tree care Rockford IL company, you will be able to help your lawn professionally. You are also guaranteed good results. So, call us now.